About Us

Our objective is to be the most relevant and best news aggregator in the world. In order to achieve that we focus on three key areas: simplicity, quality and relevance.

Simplicity we hope to achieve by working with a minimal design, easy to navigate interface, fast loading pages and no need to create an account. You also donít need to mess about with RSS feeds, we do that for you. Furthermore privacy is a great thing so we donít ask for your personal details through Facebook or Twitter logins.

Quality and relevance is achieved by focusing on quality publishers in each country and giving you the option to navigate those by category or publisher. In the search section you will also find what searches are trending on Google at the moment. We focus on quality content and publishers and try to avoid as many clickbait headlines as possible (apart from the Social category) by only working with handpicked news outlets in each of the 20 countries we currently cover.

We believe in quality journalism and as such we let you read the stories in the publisher's environment for two reasons. First of all to let the publisher earn advertising revenue and therefore enable them to continue paying their journalists, and secondly for you to experience the story in the environment and style it was written in. If we would host the content on our site it probably wouldn't pass all accompanying pictures and definitely not the publisher's fonts.

We offer you the latest headlines from the best news websites worldwide as well as important national and local news sources. From the latest breaking news on politics to technology and from Kim Kardashianís latest gossip to news about the crisis in the Middle East, newsa.com has it covered.

All headlines from each website are served to you automatically and continuously 24/7, 365 days a year, all within 10 minutes of publication. Our algorithms automatically asses all incoming headlines which might lead to some headlines appearing in what might seem to be the wrong category. If you experience any issues or if you have any ideas about how we can improve our service, you can email us at hq (at) newsa.com